Monday, December 18, 2017

Happy Holidays to all Creatures Great and Small.

Many of us around the Valley who celebrate the Holiday season ALWAYS include our four-legged family members.  It is hard to imagine a Merry Christmas without them by our side.  At this time of year, we reflect on anyone we may have lost in 2017 and look forward to a new addition in the year to come.

Is a new puppy part of your plans?  If so, I highly recommend going to any one of the many adoption and animal rescue events that occur every weekend in the Las Vegas area.  Choose carefully, and when you make that decision I hope that you think about the proper training of that new addition to your household.

Let me properly introduce myself.  My name is Dennis Danskin.  My story is told at  It is the story of a half-century of practicing what I preach!  That is, a well-trained puppy turns into the perfect companion for your family.  It is not something I take lightly.  Every dog I train becomes a part of my family as well.  Happy Holidays from my family to yours.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Family holiday and Christmas events in Las Vegas 2017

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"The holiday season will be celebrated with family-friendly events in Las Vegas in 2017. Kids of all ages will enjoy the festive attractions, colorful decorations, sparkling lights, Christmas music, holiday entertainment, and visits with Santa Claus at this popular vacation destination."

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Dog Training that Meets YOUR needs.

Proper dog training is highly personal and specialized.  I don’t know about you, but I would not want my four-legged child herded together with a bunch of other dogs during this critical training period.  How it’s done, where it’s done, and by whom it’s done matters a great deal!  I am sure that you would agree with that.

Most dog trainers have a “cookie cutter” mentality.  One training method fits all is their mantra.  At Train Humane I believe that the training program MUST fit the individual dog and family.  Here is what I do.  Instead of a set rate I offer a free, in-home evaluation so I can assess ALL of the variables and take it from there.

My name is Dennis Danskin.  I have devoted the last half-century of my life to the care and training of these amazing “best friends”.  I have become known throughout the Valley as a THE Las Vegas humane dog trainer.  You have nothing to lose.  Please call me today for a free in-home evaluation at (702) 327-4744.

Things To Do In Las Vegas In December 2017

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"Las Vegas shows in December 2017 include concerts by George Strait, Reba, Brooks & Dunn, Lady Gaga, Jamey Johnson. Comedy shows in December include stand up comedians Ray Romano, Ron White. Sports events include National Finals Rodeo. Plus there is plenty of other gigs, acts, events and activities!"

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

First Hand Experience.

You can hear about someone’s expertise and believe what you are told or reading, but there is nothing like first-hand knowledge of how good an individual or company is at their job.  In the dog training world there are fly-by-nighters, pretenders, as well as some who just go through the motions.  Who do you trust with your four-legged child?

My name is Mike Lawrence.  I am the owner of Internet Highway and the proud papa of three wonderful dogs.  Recently, we experienced the passing of our beloved Toto much too soon at the age of ten.  After a week of mourning we adopted a beautiful 10 month old Golden Retriever from a private home.

Here is what I wish to convey.  If you ever bring a new four-legged addition into your household, please make a call to Dennis Danskin.  I learned more about dog training in 15 minutes than I thought I knew in the 60 years I have owned dogs.  You will never regret it!  If you get a new pup during the holidays call Dennis to train them correctly at (702) 327-4744.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Family-Friendly Things To Do for Thanksgiving 2017 in the Las Vegas Area

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"As the unofficial start to the holiday season – Thanksgiving festivities and family fun promise to be a highlight of the year. If you and your family are looking for things to do for Thanksgiving in the Las Vegas area, you have come to the right place." 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Puppies being Puppies.

Just like kids being kids we as adults need to exercise more patience with our children, be they two-legged or four-legged.  When you welcome a new puppy into your home that new arrival may be replacing an old family member that recently went to “doggie heaven”.  You cannot expect your new puppy to lie on the couch 12 hours a day!

There is a natural developmental process that takes time, trust, and tolerance.  It is a human responsibility to show a dog what to do and what not to do.  This can be conundrum for the “untrained” trainer.  Proacting to misbehavior is the root of great puppy training.  Are you patient enough for that?

Be honest with yourself.  When you come to the conclusion that this is a job for a pro then call Dennis Danskin.  Dennis has devoted half of a century to be the Las Vegas’ area in-home premier dog trainer.  When you call Dennis to come to your home you will quickly see that you have made the right choice.  The first visit is free!  See for yourself by calling (702) 327-4744 today.

Things to do in Las Vegas - November 2017

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“We’re done with Halloween and, sadly, pool party season is over too, but that doesn’t mean there aren't a ton of sweet things to do in Las Vegas, including these 18 can't-miss November events that you should totally check out.” 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Proper Training before Winter.

Of course, we in the Las Vegas area are blessed with relatively mild winters compared to our northern neighbors, but winter in our area can still take a bite out of you and your pets.  To do or not to do; that is the question.  People know how to tell a dog what not to do, we don't know how to tell it what TO do!

Be honest, how many of you think that properly training a dog involves catching them in the act, then doling out harsh discipline?  When a professional trains proactively, they actually create a problem and then correct it in a way that your 4-legged child does not see itself being punished for their actions of misbehaving and there is an instant course correction.

You will be astonished at how quickly your beautiful new pet picks up the behavioral patterns that will last a lifetime.  This is ALL achieved with Las Vegas area’s humane in-home dog trainer Dennis Danskin.  Don’t spend the next several months sending your pet outdoors.  Welcome that new family member into your home properly by calling Dennis at (702) 327-4744.  The first visit is always FREE!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Best Halloween 2017 Events in Las Vegas

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View a list of all the Las Vegas Halloween Events you’ll actually want to go to by following the link!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Home is Where the Heart Is.

It is one of the world’s most endearing sayings.  We love to say it and we love to live it.  Our home is our castle.  It is where we recreate, raise our family, and raise the 4-legged friend(s) that you refer to as part of the family.  In the pioneer days, the poor canine spent its life outdoors and was rarely revered.  Not these days!

For many young families and empty-nesters the family dog is the centerpiece of unity and love.  Please don’t send your new best friend to boarding school.  If you intend to have your dog within reach of you at all times then, for heaven’s sake make sure that he or she is properly trained in (AND ONLY IN) your home!

In Las Vegas and the surrounding area three generations of home owners have turned to Dennis Danskin to properly train their new addition within the confines of their castle.  So many people make one of two mistakes…they either think they can do the job themselves or they ship them off to be trained.  Call Dennis Danskin today for a free estimate at (702) 327-4744.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Don’t Rub Their Nose In It.

That’s good advice for spouses, business partners, friends, and, oh yeah…your poor dog.  I cannot believe that this archaic tactic has not died out over the years.  Because of habits and ignorance, it is still a commonly used “teaching method”.  Folks, they are not that stupid!  How would you feel if it were done to YOU?

According to some studies you may have read dogs don’t think back on their past mistakes.  Have you ever heard the term “the power of praise”?  It applies to both two-legged and four-legged creatures of God.  When our family dog is praised for good behavior it will repeat that behavior…duh!

The words to remember are train humane.  It has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?  By using humane methods during training the results will last a lifetime.  Google the website,  Read about Dennis Danskin and his half-century of turning untrained dogs into your greatest companion.  Call him for an in-home Las Vegas visit at (702) 327-4744.  

Monday, September 11, 2017

Experience Downtown Las Vegas!

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WELCOME TO THE EXPERIENCE!!  Don't miss these rides and attractions at Downtown Las Vegas! 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

It’s Autumn for Your Dog Too!

So now summer is over and you have made one of the most impactful decisions in the life of your family…to buy a four-legged companion.  The kids are back in school and the subject of who will train your new family member is at hand.  I heard someone say recently…oh, I will just go to Google and follow the directions on how to train a dog.

What?  You are not building a deck or cooking rigatoni.  You are making decisions that will affect the next dozen or so years of your life!  Mistakes now will rear their ugly head for years to come.  If you ruin the rigatoni you will have a bad meal.  If you botch any part of proper dog training you will have to live with the consequences for more than a decade.

Proper dog training is NOT DONE ON THE WEB.  It IS done by someone who has devoted decades to the process.  Fortunately, in the Las Vegas area we have humane dog trainer Dennis Danskin.  Dennis will train your new family member so that the next years will NOT be like living with Marley.  Call Dennis for a complimentary in-home visit at (702) 327-4744.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Back to School for CCSD Students with a new calendar year!

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It's back to school for CCSD!  Check out the new calendar year for 2017-2018

Home is Where the Dog Is.

You may travel around the Las Vegas area with your four-legged best friend, but chances are nearly all of the interaction with your canine child will be within the walls of your home.  Why would you send it to “military school” to be trained?  Your home is where most of the behavioral problems manifest themselves…so why not train at home?

A great, humane dog trainer knows exactly the right measure of positive reinforcement to make your new family member the best addition that you have ever had in your home.  Kids or no kids, a dog will do what its instincts tell it without proper training.  By teaching the right learned behavior in front of you your buddy does not resort to bad habits when the trainer leaves.

If you factor in a dozen or more years of happiness and friendship how can you NOT invest something up front to ensure that?  The answer for a half-century is Las Vegas in home dog trainer, Dennis Danskin.  Click your heels and say, “There’s no place like home”.  Then pick up the phone and call Dennis for a meet and greet at (702) 327-4744.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Guide to Las Vegas, August 2017

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"The summer is almost at a close in Vegas, and for many it is a good time to hit up the Strip before the Labor Day weekend crowds and cooler days start to roll in."

That Autumn Bundle of Joy.

As we get through the last of the summer heat and prepare for back-to-school you may have made a recent family decision.  You have decided that your kids are old enough to have their first four-legged best friend.  You have done the research and seen what rescue dog will be your family companion for the next decade plus.

This is the perfect time to bring that new member into the family.  When you do, there is an important challenge that must be addressed…training!  I have never seen a dog large or small that comes with an owner’s manual.  The synchronicity of your household depends in part, on how the new arrival fits into the mix.

Whatever you do, please strongly consider Dennis Danskin.  Over the last half-century he has devoted his love and attention to four-legged children great and small.  Have him come to your home and meet your new addition then begin an in-home training regimen that will last a lifetime.  Call Dennis throughout the Las Vegas area…you’ll see for yourself (702) 327-4744.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Some Say Obedience is All You Need to Train a Dog.

If that were the case, then save up and buy a robot.  That device will fetch your slippers, clean your cupboards, maybe even make breakfast.  It will NEVER be your trusted companion and love you without expectation for the rest of its life.  That is why you adopted that four-legged companion…and that is why proper training is essential!

You see, training is a means to an end.  Look around your home.  I’ll bet that you did not know there are over twenty common problems that are applicable to most dogs.  Those need to be resolved within the home.  If you “ship your companion off” to be trained elsewhere those domestic situations are never addressed.

An in-home dog trainer like Dennis Danskin knows all about that.  You see, it comes with decades of experience.  He knows and has tried all of the methods and now understands that in-home humane dog training is the one and ONLY answer.  For a decade plus of pure joy, call Dennis Danskin for a free in-home evaluation in the Valley at (702) 327-4744.

Las Vegas Concert Boom!

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Find upcoming concerts and shows in Las Vegas here! 

Monday, July 3, 2017

Hey, I Know a Dog Trainer.

Hey, I know a lawyer as well, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend him for what you need done.  The truth is there are dog trainers and then there are canine-human relationship developers.  Choosing the proper person to train your best friend into becoming a cherished member of the family should not be taken lightly.

Before we talk about the whom, let’s address the comments that have been made about this man.  “He has been an incredible gift to our family”.  “I forgot just how much time and effort is involved in training a younger dog”.  “I found that training a dog in a group setting was a stressed-filled mess”.

Now the reveal - The man who will come to your home and, in a short period of time, transform your new four-legged child into that valuable family member is Dennis Danskin.  Dennis has been, for forty years, and continues to be the best puppy and dog trainer in Las Vegas.  Call him for an in-home visit today at (702) 327-4744.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

4th of July Event is Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS JULY 2017 & JULY 4TH GUIDE - Make Your Plans! 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Plan Your Father's Day in Las Vegas

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"Your Dad, You and The Las Vegas Strip"

Dog Training is NOT a remote Exercise.

I don’t know if you have ever “shipped out” your best friend expecting them to come home to you with complete obedience and loyalty to your commands.  Isn’t that a bit like sending your kid off to military school and hoping that he or she loves and respects you more when they come home?  It seems counter-intuitive.

Think of it this way…when dog training is done at home by a professional, you are set up to succeed!  After all, this is where your four-legged child will spend its life.  Learned behavior within your home is much more productive.  Doesn’t that just make sense?  This is a decade plus commitment that we are talking about.  It has got to be worth a little TLC on the front-end.

In home dog training in Las Vegas has its GOAT (Greatest of all Time).  His name is Dennis Danskin.  He did not spend the last half-century of his life loving and training God’s creatures for nothing!  Just one call will prove that to you.  He is especially valuable when he comes into your home during these sizzling summer months.  Call him today at (702) 327-4744.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Family Fun Adventure in Las Vegas!

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Plan your next family outing in Las Vegas!!  

Don’t Leave Me Outside.

You would think that it would be obvious.  You certainly don’t want to spend hours out in the hot sun this summer in Las Vegas.  Why would anyone for even a moment consider that their four-legged child can handle this heat better than we can?  Walk your dog early in the morning and DO NOT EVER leave them outside for any length of time!

Even if you are monitoring the time that your dog(s) spend outdoors you must still be diligent in keeping them cool and hydrated.  Never let that water dish sit empty.  Make sure that they have a cool place to lay.  Just don’t ever sentence the companion that YOU chose to spend your life with to have to battle the elements this summer.

Now, as it pertains to training that puppy the choice is simple.  It is the best humane puppy trainer in Las Vegas…Dennis Danskin.  Maybe it’s his 40 years of treating dogs truly like 4-legged people, but whatever it is Dennis recognizes the uniqueness and inner-beauty of each individual that he trains.  Call him today for an appointment in your home at (702) 327-4744.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Memorial Day in Las Vegas

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"Pool clubs are loud and often rowdy. Here are some other things you should keep in mind for pool time during Memorial Weekend in Las Vegas"

They Are All Different.

How many children do you have, or how many have you known while they were still in their formative years?  One thing I think we can all agree on…every kid you have ever known has a personality that is unique to them.  All of God’s creatures are like snowflakes…even the four-legged ones!

So let’s focus on a dog’s personality.  You see, the seemingly simple concept of training one of them on a leash can be individually challenging.  They were generally born into a large family and became used to jumping and playing with their siblings.  It is now your responsibility to show them what pleases you and what does NOT.

That is more responsibility than you need to take on by yourself.  Fortunately, in Las Vegas there is an in-home humane dog trainer that will discover your new arrival’s unique personality and make it easy for you to have a decade plus relationship with your new best friend.  His name is Dennis Danskin.  See for yourself by giving him a call at (702) 327-4744.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Plan your Mother's Day in Las Vegas!

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"For Mother’s Day, this year take mom somewhere amazing for an amazing Sunday meal to show how much you care and to spend some time together as a family."

Monday, May 1, 2017

Both Ends of the Leash.

What do we mean by that?  It is dog training that begins with teaching YOU to properly train your new four-legged addition to the household.  When you get a new puppy, you can quickly lose your patience and become ready to just “chalk it up”.  When a professional comes into your home and shows you “training at both ends of the leash” everything changes.

Call it “couples” counseling between two-legged and four-legged partners.  Dog personalities are as many and varied as those of humans.  Once you find what makes your beloved companion tick the rest of it falls into place.  No choke collars are necessary.  Shock is a thing of the distant past.  You don’t even need treats!

All of this is not magical.  It is a regimen practiced for more that forty years by humane dog training Las Vegas professional Dennis Danskin.  I submit to you that you will NOT believe the transformation when you invite Dennis into your home.  Please make the next dozen years the best of your life.  Call Dennis for an appointment at (702) 327-4744.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Las Vegas Guide to May 2017

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Las Vegas May shows, events, concerts & clubs ramp up as Memorial Day Weekend kicks off summer

Obedience as a Means to an End.

What do we mean by this?  It sounds cryptic, but it is truly meaningful in achieving a desired result with your 4-legged child.  You see, most dog trainers (and amateurs) believe that obedience (sit, stay, etc.) is a means unto itself.  The very best, know that obedience is a means TO AN END.

Think of it as a “lifetime achievement award”.  Did you know that there are 21 common problems applicable to the vast majority of dogs regardless of the breed?  If someone recommends that they train your dog outside of the home it has virtually no effect on what will happen INSIDE of the home.

It is so important to start off on the right four feet!  Just remember that obedience is a means to an end.  Now it is time to bring the right person into your home to shape your dog’s personality.  That person is Las Vegas humane dog trainer Dennis Danskin.  Call him as soon as possible to arrange a visit at (702) 327-4744.

Friday, April 7, 2017

A Regular Las Vegas Performer has died.

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"Legendary comedian Don Rickles’ career spanned 50 years -- leaving a lasting impression on generations of comedians, including Mirage headliner Terry Fator."

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

It’s All About the Tone.

Have you ever heard the expression “it’s not what you say, but how you say it”?  In our politically-correct world we may have lost track of that, but when it pertains to that 4-legged best friend of yours it is ALWAYS the truth.  Your dog is not an English major, so the tone and inflection of your voice is what will elicit the desired response.

Here are a few tips for using the right tone of voice with your dog –

1.  Use an enthusiastic somewhat high-pitched voice.
2.  Verbal corrections may require a lower-pitch or sharper tone.
3.  Use a quiet, softer voice when giving affection.
4.  They won’t pay attention to a monotonous voice any more than humans do.

Is your new best friend a rescue that is new to your household?  If so, you have no idea what they may have learned from humans in the past.  The sensible thing to do is call Las Vegas humane dog behaviorist Dennis Danskin.  Please invite him into your home so that the next decade or so will leave a wonderful memory of you and your pet.  Call Dennis at (702) 327-4744.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Good Manners Begin at Home.

As you raise your child you notice that the environment you expose them to goes a long way in determining how they will behave.  Why should it be different for your 4-legged child?  Come on now, we’re among friends here.  In most households that beautiful gift which is not accidentally God spelled backwards is just like your child.

If your dog (or dogs) is trained at home, they become comfortable with their surroundings.  Very soon they understand that repeated good behavior is rewarded.  In too many cases, people believe instead that bad behavior should result in punishment.  All that does is create fear NOT learned desired habits.  Isn’t that what all of this is about…repeating good habits?

To get the desired results you turn to Dennis Danskin.  Go to the website to better understand his methods.  Dennis is a four decade plus dog training professional in the Las Vegas valley.  You won’t know what an incredible difference his special touch will make until you invite him into your home to meet your dog.  Call him today at (702) 327-4744.

Make Your St. Patrick's Day Plans!

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Click on the link above for St. Patrick's Day 2017 
Events and Parties!


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Second Dog…Or Not.

It is easy to think that just because you have had success with one dog that another one will be “a great companion” for the first one.  Think carefully, then decide what is best for your 4-legged child and the rest of your family.  One plus one does not always result in synergy.  Before you start looking at local shelters and rescue facilities give it plenty of thought and discussion.

Whether you wish to admit it or not two dogs = three times more work.  Each dog needs individual training and attention.  This is not like an older sister baby-sitting her younger brother.  Dogs often teach each other bad behavior.  Bad habits will often manifest themselves in BOTH.  Have you considered your current dog’s likes and dislikes…you should!

One thing is certain.  IF you take the plunge, then start the training process off on the right foot.  Even if your first dog has been professionally trained call on the 40+ years of loving, humane dog training provided by Dennis Danskin.  Dennis will get and KEEP your household on track by assuring well-behaved additions to your family.  Call Dennis right away at (702) 327-4744.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bringing a New Family Member into the Home.

Are you really debating whether or not to get that first dog for your home?  Have you forgotten how much your dog meant to you as a kid?  Maybe you were never lucky enough to have a 4-legged friend when you were growing up.  Don’t do the same thing to your children.  Give them the unbridled joy that a dog brings to their childhood, adolescence, and beyond.

Surely, you have heard the benefits of having a dog or two in your home.  A great dog is not only a great friend, but also a guardian, a playmate, and a teacher…yes, they teach us how to care for another life!  It has also been proven that they promote better physical, emotional, and mental health for your entire family.

Not so fast!  Having a dog without having a licensed trainer to call on is like buying a car with faulty brakes.  Without consistent humane training for a short period of time you have up to 15 years of dysfunctional behavior.  Don’t hesitate.  Make the move and call Dennis Danskin…Las Vegas’ best in home dog trainer for a consultation at (702) 327-4744.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Humane Dog Training.

Your beautiful new four-legged family member is now an integral part of your household.  Think about your dog’s reinforcement as you thought about your own when you were a child.  Did you respond better to your parents when they gave you positive or negative reinforcement?  Think about it…you know the answer.

Positive reinforcement as it pertains to your new 4-legged “child” begins with praise.  They are more likely to repeat good behavior based on how you respond to it.  As with most things, timing is vital.  Rewards need to be instantaneous.  They don’t understand complete sentences so keep it simple (KISS).

As with most issues in our lives, hiring a professional is always the right answer.  You don’t fix your own plumbing, repair your own car, or represent yourself in court.  You hire a pro.  In the Las Vegas area the humane dog training professional is Dennis Danskin.  When you hire Dennis you have another “new best friend”.  Call him today for an in-home consultation at (702) 327-4744.