Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Memorial Day in Las Vegas

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"Pool clubs are loud and often rowdy. Here are some other things you should keep in mind for pool time during Memorial Weekend in Las Vegas"

They Are All Different.

How many children do you have, or how many have you known while they were still in their formative years?  One thing I think we can all agree on…every kid you have ever known has a personality that is unique to them.  All of God’s creatures are like snowflakes…even the four-legged ones!

So let’s focus on a dog’s personality.  You see, the seemingly simple concept of training one of them on a leash can be individually challenging.  They were generally born into a large family and became used to jumping and playing with their siblings.  It is now your responsibility to show them what pleases you and what does NOT.

That is more responsibility than you need to take on by yourself.  Fortunately, in Las Vegas there is an in-home humane dog trainer that will discover your new arrival’s unique personality and make it easy for you to have a decade plus relationship with your new best friend.  His name is Dennis Danskin.  See for yourself by giving him a call at (702) 327-4744.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Plan your Mother's Day in Las Vegas!

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"For Mother’s Day, this year take mom somewhere amazing for an amazing Sunday meal to show how much you care and to spend some time together as a family."

Monday, May 1, 2017

Both Ends of the Leash.

What do we mean by that?  It is dog training that begins with teaching YOU to properly train your new four-legged addition to the household.  When you get a new puppy, you can quickly lose your patience and become ready to just “chalk it up”.  When a professional comes into your home and shows you “training at both ends of the leash” everything changes.

Call it “couples” counseling between two-legged and four-legged partners.  Dog personalities are as many and varied as those of humans.  Once you find what makes your beloved companion tick the rest of it falls into place.  No choke collars are necessary.  Shock is a thing of the distant past.  You don’t even need treats!

All of this is not magical.  It is a regimen practiced for more that forty years by humane dog training Las Vegas professional Dennis Danskin.  I submit to you that you will NOT believe the transformation when you invite Dennis into your home.  Please make the next dozen years the best of your life.  Call Dennis for an appointment at (702) 327-4744.