Friday, February 16, 2018

We’re Sending your Kid to Boarding School.

Say what?  I don’t want my child to leave the household to go to school!  Well, if you wouldn’t do that to your flesh and blood then why would you do it to your four-legged child?  I do not see the benefit of taking your dog to a remote location to be trained and then bringing it back to its forever home.

When a licensed professional dog trainer comes into your home for training it creates an environment that everyone is more comfortable with.  When you remove your beloved pet from the home you are almost immediately set up for failure.  Stay home, stay familiar, and produce winning results!

I am Dennis Danskin.  I believe ONLY in the art of in-home dog training in the Las Vegas area.  It has been my mantra and my success story for half a century.  Best of all, I will come to your home for a FREE evaluation before we decide on the next step in the training process.  Give me a call for that complimentary visit at (702) 327-4744.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Don't Miss Diana Ross - The Original Diva

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"Armed with a catalogue which stretches back some 60 years, from her work with The Supremes (Baby Love, Where Did Our Love Go?) to her solo material (I'm Coming Out, Ain't No Mountain High Enough) Ross will be touring across America."

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Introducing a New Edition to Your Family.

So, you’ve made the decision.  You have been a one-dog family and you would like to introduce a new four-legged child into your home.  The first question to ask is this…is first dog well trained and will model good dog-manners to the new one?  Understand that adding a new canine to the household will require SOME more time and expense.

Here are a few helpful tips to start –

1.  Is your dog ready for a playmate, or has it displayed behavioral issues?
2.  Select the right dog.  A pit bull and a bichon may not be a good mix!
3.  Try to have some interaction between the two before you adopt.
4.  In the beginning, separate them in cages or with gates when you leave the house.
5.  Try to keep those early departures short if you can.

Above all else, get the proper training for BOTH of your forever friends.  Integrating multiple dogs into a household has been one of my specialties for decades.  My name is Dennis Danskin.  Please call me anywhere in the Las Vegas area for a FREE in-home dog training consultation.  My phone number is (702) 327-4744.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Big Game Party at Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip

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"Pick your team, throw on your jersey and head on over to the Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip for a Big Game party unlike any other you've experienced."


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Love of a Dog.

It varies from human to human.  Some will never know the joy of canine ownership, but for those of us who do, there is nothing quite like it.  When your dog is truly your best friend and trusted companion then there REALLY IS nothing quite like it.  Developing a relationship such as that can and should be enhanced by a professional.

Just as a teacher helps you with your children, a dog trainer assists you in the process of integration with your four-legged child.  Somehow it doesn’t seem that unusual to us.  A properly trained dog means a decade plus of joy and tranquility instead of strife and stress…right?

There are people in this world who make a living in the world of dog training.  They are not pretenders…they are licensed practitioners.  Just such an individual is Las Vegas professional dog trainer, Dennis Danskin.  Please take five minutes and visit the website to read about his amazing half-century + journey then call for a free in-home evaluation at (702) 327-4744.

Eat. Drink. Walk. Repeat.

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"The Walking Gourmet™ is a food tasting exploration of the many eclectic tastes of Las Vegas."

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Genetics = Environment = Behavior.

This has been a discussion for centuries.  In the human condition, it has been studied ad nauseam.  What creates behavior…one’s genetics or one’s environment?  The answer is nearly always both!  If that is true in humans it certainly is in dogs as well.  After all, they are an extension of us.

You can see it in their eyes.  What do you want me to do?  I want to please you.  It is the responsibility of a human who knows what to do to teach them what pleases AND what displeases us.  If they think they are being punished instead of taught then the results will not be what we are seeking.

That is where Dennis Danskin comes in.  For the last half-century, this Las Vegas renowned dog training professional has taken puppies as well as adult dogs and molded them into the best-friends that they are meant to be.  It is known as humane dog training.  If you have a recalcitrant pup please call Dennis at (702) 327-4744.  And remember, the first visit is FREE!