Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Back to School for CCSD Students with a new calendar year!

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It's back to school for CCSD!  Check out the new calendar year for 2017-2018

Home is Where the Dog Is.

You may travel around the Las Vegas area with your four-legged best friend, but chances are nearly all of the interaction with your canine child will be within the walls of your home.  Why would you send it to “military school” to be trained?  Your home is where most of the behavioral problems manifest themselves…so why not train at home?

A great, humane dog trainer knows exactly the right measure of positive reinforcement to make your new family member the best addition that you have ever had in your home.  Kids or no kids, a dog will do what its instincts tell it without proper training.  By teaching the right learned behavior in front of you your buddy does not resort to bad habits when the trainer leaves.

If you factor in a dozen or more years of happiness and friendship how can you NOT invest something up front to ensure that?  The answer for a half-century is Las Vegas in home dog trainer, Dennis Danskin.  Click your heels and say, “There’s no place like home”.  Then pick up the phone and call Dennis for a meet and greet at (702) 327-4744.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Guide to Las Vegas, August 2017

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"The summer is almost at a close in Vegas, and for many it is a good time to hit up the Strip before the Labor Day weekend crowds and cooler days start to roll in."

That Autumn Bundle of Joy.

As we get through the last of the summer heat and prepare for back-to-school you may have made a recent family decision.  You have decided that your kids are old enough to have their first four-legged best friend.  You have done the research and seen what rescue dog will be your family companion for the next decade plus.

This is the perfect time to bring that new member into the family.  When you do, there is an important challenge that must be addressed…training!  I have never seen a dog large or small that comes with an owner’s manual.  The synchronicity of your household depends in part, on how the new arrival fits into the mix.

Whatever you do, please strongly consider Dennis Danskin.  Over the last half-century he has devoted his love and attention to four-legged children great and small.  Have him come to your home and meet your new addition then begin an in-home training regimen that will last a lifetime.  Call Dennis throughout the Las Vegas area…you’ll see for yourself (702) 327-4744.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Some Say Obedience is All You Need to Train a Dog.

If that were the case, then save up and buy a robot.  That device will fetch your slippers, clean your cupboards, maybe even make breakfast.  It will NEVER be your trusted companion and love you without expectation for the rest of its life.  That is why you adopted that four-legged companion…and that is why proper training is essential!

You see, training is a means to an end.  Look around your home.  I’ll bet that you did not know there are over twenty common problems that are applicable to most dogs.  Those need to be resolved within the home.  If you “ship your companion off” to be trained elsewhere those domestic situations are never addressed.

An in-home dog trainer like Dennis Danskin knows all about that.  You see, it comes with decades of experience.  He knows and has tried all of the methods and now understands that in-home humane dog training is the one and ONLY answer.  For a decade plus of pure joy, call Dennis Danskin for a free in-home evaluation in the Valley at (702) 327-4744.

Las Vegas Concert Boom!

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Find upcoming concerts and shows in Las Vegas here! 

Monday, July 3, 2017

Hey, I Know a Dog Trainer.

Hey, I know a lawyer as well, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend him for what you need done.  The truth is there are dog trainers and then there are canine-human relationship developers.  Choosing the proper person to train your best friend into becoming a cherished member of the family should not be taken lightly.

Before we talk about the whom, let’s address the comments that have been made about this man.  “He has been an incredible gift to our family”.  “I forgot just how much time and effort is involved in training a younger dog”.  “I found that training a dog in a group setting was a stressed-filled mess”.

Now the reveal - The man who will come to your home and, in a short period of time, transform your new four-legged child into that valuable family member is Dennis Danskin.  Dennis has been, for forty years, and continues to be the best puppy and dog trainer in Las Vegas.  Call him for an in-home visit today at (702) 327-4744.