Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Good Manners Begin at Home.

As you raise your child you notice that the environment you expose them to goes a long way in determining how they will behave.  Why should it be different for your 4-legged child?  Come on now, we’re among friends here.  In most households that beautiful gift which is not accidentally God spelled backwards is just like your child.

If your dog (or dogs) is trained at home, they become comfortable with their surroundings.  Very soon they understand that repeated good behavior is rewarded.  In too many cases, people believe instead that bad behavior should result in punishment.  All that does is create fear NOT learned desired habits.  Isn’t that what all of this is about…repeating good habits?

To get the desired results you turn to Dennis Danskin.  Go to the website to better understand his methods.  Dennis is a four decade plus dog training professional in the Las Vegas valley.  You won’t know what an incredible difference his special touch will make until you invite him into your home to meet your dog.  Call him today at (702) 327-4744.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Second Dog…Or Not.

It is easy to think that just because you have had success with one dog that another one will be “a great companion” for the first one.  Think carefully, then decide what is best for your 4-legged child and the rest of your family.  One plus one does not always result in synergy.  Before you start looking at local shelters and rescue facilities give it plenty of thought and discussion.

Whether you wish to admit it or not two dogs = three times more work.  Each dog needs individual training and attention.  This is not like an older sister baby-sitting her younger brother.  Dogs often teach each other bad behavior.  Bad habits will often manifest themselves in BOTH.  Have you considered your current dog’s likes and dislikes…you should!

One thing is certain.  IF you take the plunge, then start the training process off on the right foot.  Even if your first dog has been professionally trained call on the 40+ years of loving, humane dog training provided by Dennis Danskin.  Dennis will get and KEEP your household on track by assuring well-behaved additions to your family.  Call Dennis right away at (702) 327-4744.