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Monday, August 20, 2018

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks.

That old adage has gone out with the horse and buggy.  Yes, you CAN teach an older four-legged addition to your household new behavioral patterns.  As a matter of fact, it may be absolutely essential when you adopt a new dog (new to your family) from somewhere that does not know their “story”.

There is the obvious…potty training.  Your new furry friend may be afraid of everything.  Then there is crate training of a dog that may have never experienced such things.  Of course, loud noises can trigger erratic behavior including barking which you may want to discourage in your household.  Also, how does the new addition get along with kids?

There are a myriad of things that your new (not so much a puppy any more) may need to learn or re-learn.  That is why you call on the half-century of expertise that Las Vegas humane dog trainer Dennis Danskin brings.  He has trained young and old, large and small breeds since the 60’s (Not 1860’s…it just seems like it!) Call Dennis for a free in-home visit at (702) 327-4744. 

CCSD School Calendar 2018-2019

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School is back in session and there are some dates you should have on your calendar!