Monday, July 2, 2018

Are you Going Out There with a Fur Coat On?

You wouldn’t consider doing that this time of year in Vegas.  Yet, your dog has to do it every day!  Maybe we don’t think enough about that.  And, leave it to puppies…they love to sunbathe even if it is over a hundred degrees outside.  The first real heat waves each year are many times the most dangerous.

The first thing that I would like you to remember is to make sure your dog has had a good grooming to pull all or any extra hair/undercoat that has not shed away.  For dogs that will be going outside, it’s critical to have ventilated shade, that means an area that provides a lot of shade where the sun is not heating up the ground or concrete. 

Now to the subject of training in the midst of a hot Las Vegas summer.  I feature humane in-home dog training for a reason.  Familiar surroundings reap successful rewards.  That is true 12 months a year, but especially now.  Please give me a call for a free evaluation in the air- conditioned comfort of your home.  I am Dennis Danskin at (702) 327-4744.

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