Monday, May 16, 2022

How to Stop the Barking.

Nobody (especially strangers) likes crying babies or barking dogs. I know that barking is a form of communication…excessive barking may just be an annoyance for everyone. With At Home Dog Training all aspects of dog and puppy training are addressed the RIGHT way, the HUMANE way! That is the way of Dennis Danskin Las Vegas dog trainer.

Here are a few free stop barking tips –


1.  Yelling only adds to the noise and does NOT stop the barking.

2.  Always try to keep training a positive experience.

3.  Consistency…NOT everyone in the family on a different page.

It is all part of developing and keeping your best friend just that…your best friend. It is a commitment that Dennis Danskin, noted Las Vegas dog trainer, never takes lightly! The full picture of his expertise in handling canines is found at Call Dennis Danskin today for a free meet and greet at (702) 327-4744.

Monday, May 2, 2022

Should Your Dog be Deprived of Food or Water as Punishment?

It seems ridiculous that we should even address this topic. Of course, the answer is an emphatic NO! If you even consider withholding a necessary commodity from your pet, then you should reconsider having one in the first place. I am Las Vegas Valley dog trainer Dennis Danskin and I merely ask that you call me if your dog is misbehaving.

How can you even consider doing something so egregious? There are other mistakes that untrained dog owners in Las Vegas “think” is apt punishment. Things that range from hitting them to leaving them out in the searing Valley heat which is coming soon.

Before you result to using a training regimen that you will regret for years, just call me…please. I am Dennis Danskin, a humane dog trainer in Las Vegas, NV. Visit my website at Call me on my cell at (702) 327-4744. I will visit your home for FREE and we will discuss a proper training method. Thank you.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Let’s Live in a Fantasy World for a Moment.

Your car is overheating, and you make an appointment to have it repaired…the mechanic gives you a complimentary overview of the mechanical needs of your car. Your bathroom is flooded, and the plumber comes to your house to look at all of the potential plumbing problems you may have in your dwelling.

Complimentary visits have just about gone the way of the Dodo Bird. People who are paid for their time need to be…paid for their time! Dennis Danskin, a well-known and respected dog trainer in the Las Vegas area, believes in the word 'Complimentary'.

Dennis will come to YOUR home and assess what he will need to do to properly train YOUR dog in YOUR home. That’s a breath of fresh air…isn’t it? Training a puppy is not an exact science. Please reconsider doing it yourself on your busy schedule. Call Las Vegas dog trainer Dennis Danskin for a FREE in-home session. His number is (702) 327-4744 and Dennis is found at

Thursday, April 7, 2022

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dog Training.

Anyone can go to the internet to find out ways to train your new four-legged companion. That part is easy. What is NOT easy is doing it right for the perfect best friend! This much is certain, there are tutorials on everything from remodeling a kitchen to training a dog. The right way is to always rely on a professional such as Las Vegas dog trainer Dennis Danskin.

Google will tell you –

1.  Find a distraction-free location.

2.  Use hand and verbal clues.

3.  Plan on sessions of 20-minutes or so.

4.  Don’t raise your voice unduly.

There are many other things it will tell you. One thing it will not say is that YOU are probably not qualified to properly train your new dog. Dennis Danskin IS! He is a multi-decade trainer of dogs in the Las Vegas area. He would be proud to train your dog in your home. Give him a call for a complimentary visit at (702) 327-4744. Do you want to see his philosophy? Sure, just visit

Monday, March 14, 2022

A Companion Dog.

I wanted to take a moment to define what is a companion dog. A companion dog can provide critical benefits such as loyal companionship when depression and anxiety take over. They become a trusted companion for fun and stress reduction. A true companion expresses love and compassion and enhances your life in so many ways.

Here are some of the top companion dogs by breeds –


1. A Golden Retriever

2. A Labrador Retriever

3. Pomeranians

4. Border Collies

Think before you adopt as to what sort of commitment you wish to make over the next decade +. Once you decide, please call me…Dennis Danskin, a renowned in-home dog trainer in the Las Vegas Valley. I will help ensure that you will have a true companion for years to come. Call me for a complimentary visit at (702) 327-4744. Read more about me at

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Summer is Always Brutal in The Valley.

With the end of winter upcoming, now is the perfect time to adopt and properly train that new best friend of yours. This summer will be hot and oppressive for all creatures great and small. Our “dog days” run for months and an obedient dog is essential when the temperature climbs to the one-hundred and teens!

Dennis Danskin, a licensed and respected dog trainer in Las Vegas, wants to make sure that your new companion is properly trained before summer sets in. The very fact that dogs tend to run away on Fourth of July weekend is reason enough to train in the Las Vegas spring instead of summer.

Please call Las Vegas humane dog trainer Dennis Danskin now while the weather is moderate in The Valley. You have absolutely NOTHING to lose, because his first visit to your home is FREE! Find out for yourself by calling (702) 327-4744. We think you will love his training methods. See them at

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Ah Ha…Caught in the Act!

Contrary to popular belief, your new puppy does not need to be caught in the act to correct unwanted behavior. They are probably much smarter than you think. They might begin thinking that ONLY bad behavior equates to punishment instead of learning. That is one of the primary things you will thank Las Vegas dog trainer Dennis Danskin for in the years to come.

When Dennis Danskin trains your new arrival properly in YOUR Home it is a thing of beauty! This is proactive training. He actually teaches you how to create the problem and then correct it in a way that they don't see themselves being punished but their actions. This creates a real companion, not a canine who is just afraid of you.

You have everything to gain when you invite Las Vegas humane dog trainer Dennis Danskin into your home for a free demonstration of his techniques. Go ahead, call Dennis to meet your newest family member. The number is (702) 327-4744. View his methods and see for yourself at